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Oct 15

Cabrillo Take…I’ll just stop counting. Thursday was our first day, I know, it’s Saturday and it’s been 3 days since the program started. These kids are going to end up teaching me more than what I’m ever going to teach them. They are all so full of life! There’s Josh, who loves dogs, he pet them the whole time class was going on. And there’s Chris. Now, Chris is the one I’m worried about. He didn’t really want to be a part of the group at first. He just kinda sat on his bike under a tree and watched us. I finally got him to join the group. He’s been hesitant since the first day we went out to recruit the kids. Now I just hope he doesn’t drop. 

I can totally see why it’s considered an at-risk community now. Patricia and I decided to walk the kids home at the end of class just so that we could spend a little more time with them. The neighborhood is small enough so that you can cover the whole thing in a couple minutes if you walk. There is one way in and one way out through Cinco de Mayo St. I walked Joshua home first then walked around looking for Patricia and the rest of the girls. I saw some cholos out by the trees in their low riders eying me as I walked around. Maybe 15 or so, doing what they do best. Nada. Then I walked by a couple of houses and some guys were drinking out of paper bags in their porch. I saw other cholos walking around too. 

It worries me. There is so much bad around these good kids. 

The last photograph makes me laugh. The kids were picking on one of the HS students from Buena High and he tripped on a log as he tried to escape. Instead of trying to help him up they all picked up their cameras like little photojournalists and documented the fall. They are learning so fast!

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