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Oct 27

I’ve decided to split this into two posts. Sometimes while I’m at CV I forget that I’m there to teach them how to photograph them and spend too much time making pictures for myself. I need to learn to balance the two. So from now on there will be the update post about the program and the Evelyn picture post on photos I made while there. 

I had asked one of my friends/classmates Caitlin Miller to come and join me next time I went to Cabrillo Village. On Thursday when Caitlin and I got there Patricia told me that a lot of the children were missing. She asked me if we should go out, knock on their doors and ask them to come in. I loved her attitude. She wasn’t about to let this stop her. So I said yes and we went on, door to door asking the missing kids to come and take some pictures with us. It turned out great. These kids are so much fun! Caitlin also loved it.

I took some class time to show teach them about Rule of Thirds and Frame within a frame. After shooting they came back and Patricia asked them what they had learned. Most of them retained the basics, we’ll give them a little review next class. Here’s a link to another blog about the program Reckoning

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